New languages added!

xHamster is always working hard to make your user experience better.

Speaking your language is a huge part of it, because we want to be closer to you and cater to your local kinks.

So today we’re excited to announce that xHamster added Czech and Swedish to its range, which makes us now available in 12 languages!

Here’s a call for all the Czech and Swedish speaking people! Please test xHamster, surf it and let us know if we did our job right and if the translation into your local language is correct and natural. Every feedback matters, so please, share away!

Email us at if you want to improve the localization. If your language isn’t supported yet, drop us an email and let us know what language you speak.

We will do our best to add it to the plan.

Děkuju! Tusen tack! Thank you!

xHamster team
Published by xHamster
1 year ago